Christina LaPens is a photography and branding professional with over 20 years experience in fashion: creative direction, brand development and brand identity.

Her love of photography started young and she went on to earn a Master degree in Fine Arts at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.  With a passion for art and fashion, Christina’s career in New York City launched with a focus in print media and paralleled closely the rapid evolution of digital.  Her journey in the worlds of visual merchandising, editorial, fashion design, retail and ecommerce helped fine-tune her appreciation and expertise in brand development and identity, the power of the image, and the reach and pace of the web. Christina developed a keen ability and intuition in understanding a brand’s DNA and translating it visually and emotionally across all media.

Collaboration is at the core of how she operates as a leader.  Christina's strength in creative problem solving, resourcefulness and the empowerment of her teams, layered with her passion for the power and emotion of visual communication is evident in every asset she produces. Throughout her career she has garnered great respect for her thorough understanding of goals and ease in communication, always maintaining flexibility, enthusiasm and an environment of hard work and fun.  Her creative vision and ability to nurture and push talent forward has made her a trusted partner and valuable contributor to every team. 

Christina lives in New York City with her 2 children. She loves to travel and road trips frequently to upstate New York, Maine and Ohio, where she grew up.  With an added passion for textiles and craft artisans globally,  Christina believes the emotional and textural balance of commerce, technology and craft have always been a key to her longevity in the fashion industry in NYC.